The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors


Eli is not your average witch, he is a member of a group of elite male warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non-magical world.


However, when one of their leaders is murdered, questions are raised and an ancient foe of Dark Witches, who was previously thought to be long gone, reappears.


It will take all their abilities to defeat this enemy with the possible help of an unlikely ally.

Knowing the past will lead them to unexpected revelation which erupts into a battle unlike any other. Eli is about to discover all is not as it seems and life has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


In Forest of Ancestors, the first book of The Guardians series, K.A. Denver weaves magic, romance and betrayal into a thrilling fantasy with a contemporary flare.

The Grimoire Prophecies

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When Sophie Seymour lost her mom and dad in a car accident leaving her in the care of her aunt, her whole world turned upsided down.  Shaking herself out of her sorrow she goes back to school with only one thing on her mind, to make her parents proud.  Well, that was until she met the new guys, Joshua and Ethan.

Sophie must choose her path.  Would it be along side Joshua, the charasmatic yet tempermental new guy or his twin brother, level headed, laid back Ethan?

Thrown into a world of magic and malice she never knew existed, Sophie will have to choose which side she belongs on, walk in the light or hide in the shadows, each choice will comes at a cost.

Vampires and Werewolves and Witches Oh My... Anthology


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Can't make up your mind what to read? You love Vampires, but fancy a little Witch Fiction or you are tired of all the hocus pocus and want blood and lots of it? Then this is the book for you.


K A Denver has put together a collection of Supernatural/Paranormal short stories for lovers of all of the above with a dash of humour, a smidgen of romance and a lot of gore.